Buyer Beware: 6 Red Flags of Window Replacement Companies

Published on
August 22, 2023

In the world of home renovations, windows play a pivotal role in both aesthetics and functionality. But, just as there are countless styles and types of windows, there are also countless window replacement companies competing for your business. The fact remains that not all are created equal, and before you commit to a company, it's crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls. Read on to discover the red flags you should be wary of.

1. You’ve Experienced Poor Customer Service

Your first interaction with a window replacement company sets the tone for the entire experience. Ideally, this initial call should be a seamless and informative session, where the representative addresses all your concerns and earns your trust. However, if you find yourself facing slow responses, a lack of communication, or even a degree of rudeness, it's a clear indication of the company's approach to customer service. Remember, a company that doesn't prioritize its customers from the get-go is unlikely to do so later on.

2. The Window Replacement Company Only Offers Vinyl or Wood Windows

The frames on both vinyl and wood windows contract and expand during extreme temperature changes, such as those experienced in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. This movement makes their frames susceptible to warping. Due to this common issue experienced by homeowners, Renewal by Andersen worked to create a longer lasting, durable material for their custom window frames. Our frames are made with Fibrex. Fibrex is our patented solution to maintain the charm of wood window frames, while being maintenance-free as with vinyl, yet lasts much longer. In fact, our windows come with an industry-leading 20 year warranty.

3. There is a Lack of Transparency Surrounding Details of Your Window Replacement Project

Hand in hand with customer service is the issue of transparency. A reputable window replacement company should be forthright about their products, pricing, and processes. If you sense any ambiguity or evasion when inquiring about these aspects, consider it a red flag. At Renewal by Andersen, it is part of our signature service promise to guide you through your window replacement project from start to finish, ensuring you’re completely happy with your new windows and the service you received!

4. The Window Company has Bad Reviews

While a few negative reviews are common for any business, a pattern of consistent bad reviews should raise alarms. Often, these reviews can validate concerns regarding poor customer service or a lack of transparency. Always take the time to read through reviews and testimonials; they can be the most candid source of information about a company's operations.

5. The Company Outsources or Doesn’t Offer Replacement Window Installation

Many window replacement companies either don’t offer installation, or they outsource installation. At Renewal by Andersen, we use employee master certified installers. When a company uses third-party contractors to install windows or replacement doors, the homeowner runs the risk of the project either not being handled properly, or taking longer than anticipated. A window replacement company which doesn’t offer installation services can complicate the process for homeowners. Not only does this mean seeking out a separate installer, but it can also lead to increased costs as installers may have their own overhead costs to consider. A company that provides a comprehensive service, from product selection to installation, is always a better choice.

6. Your Window Company is Not Insured

Insurance isn't just a formality; it's a safeguard for both the company and the customer. If a worker gets injured during the installation process and the company isn't insured, you might find yourself in a tricky situation. Always ensure that the window replacement company you're considering is adequately insured. It's a simple question that can save you a lot of potential trouble.

Renewal by Andersen: Our Signature Service Difference

While the market has its share of red flags, Renewal by Andersen stands out with a series of 'green flags’. We pride ourselves on being a full-service company, offering both the windows and their installation. Not only do we manufacture the custom windows we install, but we also possess the project management skills required for large-scale window replacement projects. What's more is that our professional installation is carried out by employee master certified installers who work only from our local Lexington, Louisville, and Southern Indiana locations. Beyond windows, we also replace doors, ensuring a holistic approach to your home's needs. We also have showrooms in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, as well as Evansville, Indiana. With Renewal by Andersen, you're not just avoiding red flags; you're embracing the green ones.

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