Fall Windows Cleaning Tips

Published on
October 1, 2021

Cleaning and maintaining your windows is a very important part of making your windows last longer.  It is now fall and leaves will start changing and the temperature will start dropping.  Should you clean your windows differently in the fall than in the spring or summer?  Yes, your preparation and the supplies you use will be different.  


Cooler temperatures mean you will want to use different cleaning solutions.  It is recommended that you use alcohol or vinegar-based cleaning solutions mixed with cold water.  This type of mixture will clean the dirt and keep your windows from having water spots. 

When Should You Clean?

Always check the weather before you start cleaning your windows.  Cloudy and overcast days are the best times to clean.  Sunny days can heat up the glass in your windows making them dry faster and potentially leaving water spots, streaks, or specks.  Check your windows for debris around the window frames, blinds, etc.  

Recommended Cleaning Supplies

  • High-quality squeegee - This tool works best when cleaning windows
  • Microfiber cloths - Great for wiping off surfaces
  • Soft-bristle brush - Soft is the key, hard-bristle brushes will damage your glass
  • Rubber gloves - Protect your hands from cleaning solutions.  They will dry your hands out and potentially damage your skin.
  • Towels - This protects your floors from dripping water

For more tips on how to properly clean and take care of your windows please read our other blogs.  Renewal by Andersen of Louisville, Lexington, and Evansville is your number one source for replacement windows in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  Call us today at (502) 716-7264 for a free consultation.