How to Renovate Historical Buildings

Published on
May 18, 2021

When it comes to renovations for historical buildings, it's important to choose replacement doors and windows that don't look like replacements. In other words, they have to maintain the historical integrity of the building. This can be a real challenge for the property owner. Whether renovating a Gothic-style Victorian mansion or a quaint 1950's bungalow, the doors and windows they choose need to both visually suit the past era while incorporating the energy-saving technologies that are available in 2016.In many communities, renovations to all historical buildings need to abide by strict regulations set up by the Landmark Commission. It's necessary that you consult with your local committee before beginning to alter your building's windows and doors. You don't want to be faced with a nasty legal battle after months and months of renovations to a building. All of which could have been easily avoided by spending a bit of extra time to acquire the required permits and by following the guidelines.

We are expertly equipped to work with you and your architect in navigating these guidelines. Our vast selection of doors and windows are custom-made for your individual needs. Our windows look amazing with their endless possibilities for interior and exterior color options, grille patterns and glass options. From double-hung windows to casement windows, and from picture windows to bay windows, we offer it all. Our windowpanes are also made using High-Performance Low-E4 glass. High-Performance Low-E4 glass is a cutting-edge glass that's proven to reduce hydro bills, stay cleaner, and minimize water spotting.For our doors, we offer wood, steel, and fiberglass models in an assortment of different colors and stains. They will keep your home secure and maintain its heat insulation without any sacrifice to the building's beauty or historical-relevancy. If the entire window or door unit cannot be altered, due to permit constraints or structural limitations, we are prepared to resort to effective alternate measures. For example, we can add inserts to fix a drafty window without altering its original interior trim.Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can help with your renovation project. Or, if you’d rather, come visit one of our two showrooms in Lexington or Louisville, and let us guide you in how to best renovate your unique historical building. We'll make sure the windows and doors look as flawless as when the building was first built, and are designed to save you money on energy costs, plus maintain their appearance and efficiency long-term.