Do You Know When You Should Replace Your Front Door?

Published on
June 16, 2021
Brand New Front Door

Your front door is the entryway to your home. It’s the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. Is your front door living up to its important obligations, giving your guests a comfortable, welcomed feel when they arrive?It's common for most parts of the home to experience wear and tear over time, often needing repairs or replacements every so often. Sometimes so many aspects of a home start to go at once that it can be tricky to stay on top of it all, or even to notice when a different feature also needs repairs or replacing.Our busy lives often keep us wrapped up in tasks and errands, sometimes distracting us from what else needs to be done. These simple questions should help guide you in knowing when the time has come to replace your front door.

1.  Is your door's appearance lacking in some way?

Front doors may fade in color over time, or they may start to show other signs of wear. If your door doesn't look as sharp and appealing as it once did, you might be in favor of a replacement.

2.  Is the door's frame or shape compromised in any way?

When the structure of the door or frame no longer has its original integrity, a front door replacement is the best and most logical option. If your home has ever suffered a break-in, replacing the door is strongly recommended your family's safety.

3.  Can you see light coming in through any of the door's edges?

If the door isn't properly fitted, your heating and air conditioning bill could be on the rise as your internal climate starts slipping right through the cracks. You should not have gaps between the door and the frame that allow your heat or cooled air to escape. You can easily test this by trying to slide a dollar bill under the door.

4.  Does the door have a tough time aligning with the weather stripping on the top or bottom?

Sometimes old weather stripping causes an issue with insulation, but in many cases, it is purely a matter of needing a new front door. You can schedule a consultation with a professional to determine whether your front door can be repaired or replaced.If any of the above statements ring true for your front door, now is a good time to get a replacement. Most repairs on front doors end up costing time and just as much money as a quality replacement. In many cases, choosing a new front door is the better option.