Why You Should Consider Custom Specialty Windows

Published on
November 4, 2021

Renewal by Andersen custom specialty windows is stationary windows that do not operate or open like our normal windows. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors to help maximize your view of the outdoors and add extra natural light to your home. Typically used alone or in combination with other replacement window styles, our custom specialty windows will most certainly add that curb appeal to both the inside and outside of your home while also enhancing the character of your home.

Create a striking combination window, add architectural elegance, or design something distinctly, you. If you want to give your home the wow factor, consider our custom-made specialty windows. With 15 different shape options to choose from (not limited to the pictures shown below) including customizable options, the possibilities for creativity and design are almost endless! Add an elegant arch window, an octagon window, and even a triangle window. Combine multiple specialty shapes or join them with another operable window to give your home the unique touch that you’re looking for. Step out of your comfort zone by choosing our custom-made specialty windows.

Adding a custom specialty window such as a circle window can bring some sparkle and can dramatically lighten up a room to give your space a much-needed makeover. You can recognize a circle window by its special curved shape. Circle windows are commonly used as accents to the exterior parts of a house. Renewal by Andersen’s custom specialty windows are great for allowing extra sunlight into certain rooms of your home, depending on where you’re trying to spice things up a bit. These windows are usually placed above or combined with another window to complete the aesthetic look. Other specialty windows, such as a trapezoid window, can really set your home apart from the rest of the neighbors around the block since they are not your typical square or rectangular window.

Renewal by Andersen® specialty windows are an excellent choice if you want to match a specific design period or style—or define a new one. They are a great way to add instant character, enhance curb appeal, create a focal point, or add more light to a room. From classic cottages to urban homes or townhouses, Renewal by Andersen custom specialty windows will work for almost any architectural style. View our specialty windows page ( to learn more about this particular style and all of the different customizable options we have available to you.

Durable, beautiful, and custom crafted. Renewal by Andersen custom specialty replacement windows have sleek frames, custom shaping, 47 color combinations, stainable interiors, numerous grille designs, and 11 hardware finishes that you can choose from. Your windows will not only stand the test of time, but they’ll also look great doing it. Call the professionals at Renewal by Andersen of Greater Philadelphia today to get your free quote on these custom replacement windows! We can also walk you through our process and help you choose which custom replacement window designs would fit your home best.