Window Cleaning Tips

Published on
April 2, 2021

Cleaning and taking of your windows can help make your windows last longer. Cleaning windows can be done the right way or the wrong way.  If done the wrong way it can cause much more work and even shorten the lifespan.  Renewal by Andersen® offers low-maintenance windows but they still need to be cleaned correctly.  

Below are some tips to keep your windows clean:

Pick The Right Cleaners

No matter how hard dirt buildup is to clean, Never use abrasive cleaning solutions.  Rather opt to use mild solutions which keep your windows from becoming damaged and potentially limit your warranty.

Using soap and water to wash panes and frames is the best practice. If you are looking to use something different you can always use diluted vinegar or even a liquid window cleaner when cleaning the glass.

What To Use For Wiping

Always use a soft cloth when cleaning frames and sashes.  Soft cloths will keep you from damaging the paint or finish.  If you use ink-based paper products you are at risk of causing discoloration. 

Sponges or squeegees are recommended for glass.  Squeegees are great for scrubbing a glass surface. When drying always use a clean lint-free cloth.  A cloth that has lint will leave tiny pieces of thread behind.  

Clean Your Work Area

Clean your sills from dust or debris before it accumulates in the tracks. 

Keeping your windows clean is very important.  You can avoid maintenance issues by maintaining clean windows.